What is a CRNA?

CRNAs are highly educated anesthesia professionals who provide the full range of anesthesia and pain management services. As advanced practice registered nurses, CRNAs have been providing anesthesia in the United States for more than 150 years, long before the CRNA credential came into existence in 1956.

CRNAs administer general, regional, and local anesthesia in addition to rendering pain management services.

  • General Anesthesia – The patient is completely unconscious after being given injected and/or inhaled drugs.
  • Regional Anesthesia – The patient remains awake, though sedated, while a portion of the body is made numb.
  • Local Anesthesia – Injection of a painkilling drug into a specific body part, which can be followed by intravenous drugs to keep the patient sedated.
  • Pain Management – Encompasses pharmacological, nonpharmacological, and other approaches to prevent, reduce, or stop pain sensations.

Officers and Board of Directors

Cassandra Massey, DNAP, CRNA


Arthur Wolover, CRNA


Scott Saunders, CRNA

Vice President

Leigh Anna Berry, CRNA


Kevin Bryant, CRNA


Ramona Anderson,CRNA

Board of Directors

Brian Brown, CRNA

Board of Directors

Debra Varela, CRNA

Board of Directors

Andrew Hartzell, CRNA

Board of Directors

Karey Kelley, CRNA

Board of Directors

Lisa Stewart, MSN, CRNA

Board of Directors

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