The anesthesia drugs that you have been given can remain in your body for up to 24 hours after their administration. You are not completely “back to your old self” until the anesthetic has been totally eliminated.

Also during this time, it is still possible for substances entering your body to interact with the anesthetic. Certain substances may cause negative reactions. Therefore, check with your care provider about what medications you can take. Continue to cooperate with your nurse anesthetist and physician after surgery. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.​

Do's and Don'ts After Anesthesia

  • ​Do leave the healthcare facility accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Do remain quietly at home for the day and rest.
  • Do arrange for someone​​ to care for your small children for the day.
  • Do take liquids first and slowly progress to a light meal.
  • Do call your anesthesia professional or the facility where you were treated if you have any questions.
  • Don’t drive a car for at least 24 hours.
  • Don’t operate complex equipment for at least 24 hours.
  • Don’t make any important decisions or sign any legal documents for the day.
  • Don’t take any medications unless prescribed by or discussed with your physician.
  • Don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours.​