Who's Protecting You?

AR House

CRNAs have a great profession and it's something worth protecting. Ever wondered, "who is looking out for me"? The only person looking out for CRNAs are other CRNAs.

Part of how CRNAs can protect their profession is by making contributions to our PAC.  CRNAs of ARANA PAC is only focused on one task: supporting decision-makers who support CRNAs.  That's it.

We know for some this is uncomfortable.  Few people like giving their hard-earned money away.  We don't either. But remember - with a stroke of a pen, legislators can make decisions that drastically affect CRNA practice and reimbursement.

So to help protect the CRNA profession, we're asking CRNAs to set up recurring monthly contributions of $25 that will help fund the PAC now and into the future.  You can also give as a one-time donation.